Monday, 2 October 2017

Grouse Shooting in the Peak District - the impact and the wildlife abuse

After 9 months of occasional  filming across the county, BBC's Inside Out programme will tonight broadcast a 10 minute piece about the impact that driven grouse shooting is having on our Derbyshire and Peak District landscapes.

It goes out at 7:30pm and it will be interesting to see how all sides in this debate have been covered. BBC's Simon Hare filmed and spoke with the Moorland Vision campaigners out on Snake Pass, and as they handed over their petition to the National Trust. He has looked at many other people's  others concerns about wildlife crime and the dire habitat degradation that grouse shooting as a profitable business causes. But of course he also looked at this damaging hobby from the perspective of the people involved in managing our delicate moorland landscapes for profit - be they private landowners or the National Trust. It will be interesting to see how everyone's concerns are portrayed.
Where to watch online:

The piece is set for broadcast on October 2nd. :

It should then become available online on those webpages for 30 days or so thereafter.

It will be interesting to see how National Trust members respond when they learn that their Trust has just readvertised for another grouse shooting tenant on the iconic moorland landscapes that they own around Kinder Scout and Bleaklow after gamekeepers were filmed lying in wait to shoot hen harriers there. It is specifically that issue that Moorland Vision have been campaigning to influence. And it comes at a time when all NT members have the chance to actively vote to support a members' resolution at the forthcoming AGM to ban trail hunting (aka illegal fox-hunting) across all their properties. The National Trust are in favour of allowing it continue, and they urge you to vote against that resolution. For those stuck in the 19th century, the NT position may seem a sensible idea.

And since we scheduled our petition handover to the Trust this summer, a further thousand or more people have signed our petition to continue telling the Trust: "No Moor Shooting!" on these upland Derbyshire estates.

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